iMMi Creative Power Bank 12 Constellations 5200mAh Portable Plush Cartoon mobile External Battery Charger

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iMMi Creative Power Bank 12 Constellations 5200mAh Portable Plush Cartoon mobile External Battery Charger
07.10.13 (2:52 am)   [edit]

Cartoon dolls, plush dolls, those toys are girl's and children’s favorite, every girl's childhood has a part of dolls’ memories. The iMMi powerbank in Amazon Thirdshopping

The funny, cute, lovely facial expression, with exquisite plush craft, soft and comfortable, let us have to love it. In the other hand, it can also be use a gift, on her birthday, gave your beloved one a lovely doll will be able to capture her hearts and minds. If a doll combines with a mobile power bank, that it is not able to view but also can charge for the digital equipments, allow your love power supply uninterruptibled, dual-use, more pleasure. Today, let us take a look at how iMMi cartoon mobile power bank performed?

iMMi comes from Korea, it is a fast emerging global brand which dedicated in digital, electronic products accessories, providing comprehensive protection, conservation, landscaping integration solutions for digital & electronics products. iMMi design team comes from, Italy, USA, South Korea, Japan and other countries, they has many years of world-renowned brand design and manufacturing experience; iMMi electronics accessories using the most advanced technologies and materials, with the artist's vision and boundless enthusiasm for life, devoted to each products detail crafted to bring you fashion, leisure boutique products.

In this summer, iMMi released 25 models of popular cartoon power banks including 12 Constellations, 4 colors rabbits, 9 colors bears. They are different with the normal cartoon power banks, as they are made by real velvet, soft and comfortable nap, with a temperature feel, comfortable and intimate, the little clothes/cloaks on the plush bank can be removed, you can change and create beautiful clothes for it, with tasteful packaing to let it be a ideal gift for your lover and friends. Everyone will love it, especially the girls and young people.

iMMI power bank’s ass equipped with a USB output port and a Micro USB input interface, if you do not look the back of it, you will never know that is a mobile power bank, built in 5200mah capacity allows you to travel easily with power. The live buckle design give you option to hanging it in the bag or in your hand, you could walk thousands of miles accompany with the music, while enjoying the roadside scenery. Let’s iMMI lead the lifestyle with us together !

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